I ask that each one of you think back to your weekend and try to remember the several acts of love you received. Remember all the wonderful surprise gifts you found on beds, conference room and dining tables? Those were Agape gifts and are the most visible way the Pilgrims feel the unconditional love given to them during their Walk. Only you can make it happen for the new pilgrims!
Agape gifts are always welcomed and we encourage your Fourth Day Groups to continue to provide these for each Walk. These small tokens of our love are what most people typically think of when we talk about “Agape Gifts.”

Is your agape ready for the upcoming walks? If not, don’t worry, you still have time to get it done. The correct number of pieces for each walk is 100. Please also be mindful of copyright laws as we are unable to distribute material that is copyright protected, unless it has been purchased.
 Please bring your agape gifts to the walk site Thursday evening as the walks begin.
 Please sign in your agape when dropping it off at the Agape room. Include a brief description of the item, name and phone number of a contact person, the number of pieces included (the correct # is 100). Your gifts, whether they be spiritual or material, are greatly appreciated by all.

The Agape Sign-In Form is below. You can make as many copies as you need so the agape is ready when dropped off in the Agape Room. Forms will also be available on site in the Agape Room.

Agape is to be an anonymous act of love.
No personal names are allowed on your items; however, a walk # can be included.

If you are looking for ideas, here is a link for a 101 Agape Ideas:

Please contact me or any of our other Board Members if you have any questions.
De Colores!

Serving on an Emmaus Team is without questions one of the most fulfilling experiences… 
Prayerful consider applying, and trust that where you are called to serve, is for God…
Serving on an Emmaus team is a way of paying forward what you received on your own walk, and of fulfilling your commitment to servanthood in His name. If you’ve ever served on a team, you know what a joy it is to be there for the Lord’s pilgrims. If you haven’t, you may not even realize all the opportunities, from being a table leader or assistant or musician in the conference room, to helping in the kitchen, the prayer chapel, the agape room or as a member of the auxiliary unit.
Is He calling you for the Spring 2017 walks?

Applications are on the website,

Conference Room Team

Assistant Table Leaders (ATL’s):
Are the second team member at the table, along with the TL’s.  

The ATL’s support the Table Leaders by fully cooperating as a participant in all table functions.  They become a caring presence at the table and are free to befriend pilgrims at the table.  The ATL’s serve without distinction alongside the pilgrims and participate willingly in all the activities of the weekend.  

Sometimes ATL’s are asked to give a talk.

Table Leaders (TL’s):
Have one of the most important job in the conference room.  

The TL’s help lead discussions, summaries, and reports of the talks, and they direct the job of building community at the table.  
The pilgrims experience most of the event and develop the most lasting relationships at the table.  The TL’s facilitate this experience.  Their visibility at the table, nonetheless, is low-key, friendly, and quiet leadership.  TL’s are often called upon to give talks during the weekend.

Assistant Lay Directors (ALD’s):
Are the time keepers for the conference room team.  They are primarily responsible for helping the Weekend Lay Director prepare the team prior to the weekend, make sure the weekend runs smoothly, and that the weekend runs on time.  The ALD’s are concerned with the details of the training and walk, serving as the timekeepers and anticipating preparation for each aspect of the Walk.  One ALD is asked to give one of the talks.

Weekend Lay Director (LD):
Are chosen by the board and is responsible to the board for the conduct of the weekend.  The LD should have experience as a past Assistant Lay Director, Table Leader and Assistant Table Leader.  The LD must be at ALL training and weekend events.  His/Her most important job is to build and prepare the weekend team, along with the Weekend Spiritual Director.  The LD leads the weekend by serving, taking the role of a shepherd.  One required talk is given by the LD during the weekend.

7-10 years of progressive servanthood.

Music Coordinators/Leaders:
Responsible for the music and singing during the weekend.  Their presence during the training is most important toward building team unity and commitment.  Music on a Walk is not a performance but part of the Emmaus principle of humble servanthood in God’s service for the experience of the pilgrims.

Support Team

Are the worker force outside the conference room.  They are responsible for cleaning the bathrooms, making sure that all things are set up in the next room to where the pilgrims will go, they set up communion, they make sure that everything is set up correctly for the weekend, they clean and put everything back in place after the weekend, and they are in charge of all the areas’ supply tubs.

These are the behind the scenes and very active servants of the weekend. The Auxiliary Head is responsible for the completion of the above mentioned responsibilities.  The Auxiliary Helpers assist the head in accomplishing the tasks.  The helpers can be there the whole time or they can volunteer for blocks of time convenient to their personal schedules.

Prayer Room:
A place set aside for the use of the team during the walk.  The Prayer Room team is responsible for setting up the prayer room with a cross, a candle, a Bible, and those things that make the room conducive to prayer.  The focus is on behalf of each pilgrim.  

The Prayer room team prays over each speaker before and after their talks, and generally supports the team with prayer.

Agape Room Head:
And Helpers are responsible for the collection, organization, and distribution of general agape, table agape and personal agape, and for maintaining the list of personal information on the pilgrims.  

The Agape Room organizes all the materials sent home with the pilgrims in their take-home packets

Kitchen Head:
Responsible for the meals for the weekend.  The Kitchen Head stays on-site the entire weekend.

Kitchen Team:
The kitchen staff are part of the rich Emmaus tradition of service to the needs of the pilgrims. They serve behind the scenes preparing the meals for the entire team for the weekend.

Setup / Tear-down:
Setting of the the conference room space, unload the trailer with all the equipment and goods, reload the trailer after the weekend, and put the church back in order as we found it.

Book Table Head:
Responsible for attending to the book table set up to assist pilgrims in finding books that will help them in their 4th Day.

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