Spring 2023 Emmaus Walks

Information on the upcoming Spring 2023 Walks coming soon!

Please be praying for the Southeast Emmaus program and also be praying about pilgrims to sponsor in the spring.
 God Loves You And So Do I
 Scott Clark, Community Lay Director
Swartz Creek United Methodist Church
7400 Miller Rd
Swartz Creek, MI 48473

Training Dates:

Training dates for Spring 2023 forthcoming.

4th Day Reunion Gathering

4th Day Reunion Gathering information forthcoming.

EMSEM COVID policy for Emmaus Walks

Emmaus of Southeast Michigan (EMSEM) will be following the current guidelines exstablished by Bethany United Methodist Church and the State of Michigan regarding the use of masks. The current guidelines do not require the use of masks but team members and participants who would feel more comfortable wearing masks are welcome to wear them if they so desire. EMSEM will have a supply of masks and Hand Sanitizer available for use throughout the weekend.

For all Team members and Pilgrims, please monitor your health prior to the walk and if you experience any COVID related symptoms we ask that you do not attend the weekend.  A full refund will be made available or your walk can be rescheduled to the Fall of 2022.

Thank you,
Opening Service and Pilgrim check in:
Thursday @ 6:30 pm
Women's Walk
Spring 2023 forthcoming

Saturday @ 8:00 pm

Women's Walk Spring 2023 forthcoming

Closing Program:
Sunday promptly at 3:00 pm

Women's Walk Spring 2023 forthcoming

What is Emmaus?

The gospel of Luke (24:13-35) relates the story of the risen Christ appearing to two disciples who are walking along the road from Jerusalem to the town of Emmaus on the day of Resurrection. Upon arrival in the village of Emmaus, the disciples recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread; they remember how their hearts had burned within them as they walked with him on the road. 

We invite you to join in an inspirational three-day journey during which you meet Jesus as he is revealed to you through other Christians. On your Walk to Emmaus you will hear stories from scripture and the experience of presenters who address significant facets of God’s grace and Christian discipleship as well as experience New Testament Christianity as a lifestyle. It is a highly structured event designed to strengthen and renew the faith of Christian people, and through them, their families, their congregations, and the world in which they live. 

Emmaus is a partnership between laity and clergy toward the renewal of the church.

Your 2023 Emmaus of SE Michigan Board of Directors
Community Lay Director (CLD) - cld@emsem.org Eric Triebwasser 
Assistant Community Lay Director (ACLD) - acld@emsem.org OPEN
Treasurer - treasurer@emsem.org Curtis Lamar
Secretary - secretary@emsem.org Lynn Kneisel
Community Trainer - trainer@emsem.org Scott Clark 
Facilities (Site Selection) - facilities@emsem.org Mitch Meyers
Agape - agape@emsem.org Rich Hoy
Candelight - clight@emsem.org OPEN
Community Spiritual Director (CSD) - csd@emsem.org Kenny Walkup
Gatherings & 4th Day - gatherings@emsem.org Tammy Lansingh
Prayer - prayer@emsem.org Tammy Lansingh
Chrysalis Representative - chrysalis@emsem.org OPEN
Registrar - registrar@emsem.org Judy Sutherland
Team Selection (Women) - team-women@emsem.org Lynn Kneisel 
Team Selection (Men) - team-men@emsem.org OPEN
Supplies - supplies@emsem.org Bob Mason
Music - music@emsem.org Hannah Welton
Web & Technology Coordinator - webservant@emsem.org Danny Bledsoe 

Emmaus of SE Michigan Voicemail Number: (734) 404-8710
Please leave a detailed voicemail and a board member will contact you.

Click here for a list of Board Roles